BBQ Spice Set Sale!

Red, White and Cue Sale from Savory Spice

Spicy Margherita Flatbread

Spicy Calabrian Hot Pepper Paste, fresh basil, and other delicious Italian flavors all work together in this super easy flatbread pizza!

Shredded Barbecue Chicken

You don't even need a grill to make this deliciously simple barbecue-inspired chicken. The flavor of the dish can be customized with your favorite Savory Spice barbecue sauce.


3 Backyard BBQ Menus

with Ashlee Redger, Test Kitchen Assistant

It’s been almost a year since Savory Spice founder Mike Johnston went on his 38-day long Chasing Barbecue journey to discover the flavors of 6 major barbecue regions in the United States. Because summertime always has a way of making us crave b... Read more