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Hungarian Sweet & Spicy Paprika (Salt-Free)

Hungarian paprika, known as a Csemege, comes from a sweet red pepper grown in the region of Hungary referred to as Kalocsa. We've created our sweet and spicy paprika with cayenne pepper added to give it a little heat.

Hungarian paprika and cayenne

We regulate the heat to such a level that it doesn’t overtake the flavor of the Hungarian sweet paprika but rather compliments it. On a heat scale ranging from 1 to 10, it comes in at about 3. Use this sweet and spicy in the same ratio you would a Hungarian sweet paprika on all of your favorite dishes. Try it in your chicken paprikash, Hungarian goulash, baked chicken or fish with some herbs. Because of it's beautiful color, this blend can be used to garnish foods such as deviled eggs, potato salad or oven roasted potatoes.

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“Loved the sample of Herbes de Provence Seasoning Salt so much that I had to get a bottle! Thanks so much for your store.”

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