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Due to a prevalent rolling fog, Nantucket is also known as "The Gray Lady". The dry grey sea salt we use in handcrafting this blend is a nod to both the gray sky and to the surrounding sea. Not to worry, the herb and citrus combination will impart a flavorful brightness to any poultry dish!

Dry grey sea salt, granulated garlic, ground rosemary, orange peel, lemon peel, black pepper, lemon verbena and lovage

This handcrafted blend is great for any type of poultry: turkey, chicken, game hens, or duck. As a rub, we suggest using 1 tsp. of seasoning per pound of poultry, or more to taste. Generously rub the seasoning on the outside of the poultry skin and/or underneath the skin before cooking. Use rub with olive oil or melted butter, if desired, to help it stick. Also try this rub sprinkled on vegetables, potatoes, and sweet potatoes. It makes a great stuffing seasoning, too.

“I have bought spices from other websites and in person from many locations and I must tell you that I find yours to be the freshest and most flavorful! I live in a small rural town in Minnesota and if it wasn't for you I would not be able to prepare the dishes I love.”
- -John S. of Tracy, MS