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Siesta Key Spanish Sazon

Sazon is a classic blend, we have been asked for it for years! Sazon simply translates to "seasoning" and is an all-purpose seasoning salt used in many Spanish inspired dishes. We think you should try it in your cooking as well!

Granulated garlic, garlic salt, Mexican oregano, toasted granulated onion, powdered bay, black pepper, parsley, annatto and saffron powder

We handcraft this blend from salt, granulated garlic, Mexican oregano, toasted onion, bay, pepper, annatto, and saffron powder. The addition of annatto and the saffron powder take our Sazon to the next flavor level while honoring the traditions of this Spanish seasoning. Siesta Key is great on your pork, chicken or beef. Add it to beans, potatoes and vegetables.

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Siesta Key Spanish Sazon Recipes

The following recipes use Siesta Key Spanish Sazon.

“I just want to share with you how WONDERFUL the Black Truffle Sea Salt I bought from you was! I made a pasta dish and ohhh my, it rocked. Don't ever stop offering it!”

-Jennifer K. of Charlotte, NC