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Almond Extract, Pure, Organic

There are two types of almonds, sweet and bitter. The sweet almonds have a delicate, slightly sweet flavor and the bitter have a much stronger flavor and contain small traces of lethal prussic acid when raw. Bitter almonds must be heated to destroy the acid’s toxicity.

Organic alcohol, water and oil of bitter almond.  This product is gluten-free and does not contain any added sugar.

Our extract is made with the maximum amount of pure bitter almond oil, which has already been heated to destroy toxcicity. As a result, our product tastes better and is stronger than most. Use this extract to flavor cookies, breads and other baked goods. In the Middle East, almond extract is used to flavor meat stews, rice pudding and some mild curries.

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Almond Extract, Pure, Organic Recipes

The following recipes use Almond Extract, Pure, Organic.

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