Black Pepper-Free

Our peppermint oil is distilled from mint farms in Idaho. Early settlers brought mint with them to plant as it was considered a necessary medicinal herb.

Distilled in the fields, this peppermint oil is re distilled and tripled distilled to improve its flavor and aroma.

Today, peppermint is primarily planted for the purposes of distillation. Distilled in the fields, peppermint oil is typically re distilled and tripled distilled to improve its flavor and aroma. Our peppermint oil triple distilled and is perfect for use in chocolates and other baked goods. This oil is highly concentrated and should be used very sparingly. We also recommend that gloves and eye protection be used when handling peppermint or any other essential oils.

"I wanted to Thank You for the care that went into my last order. Everything was bagged and wrapped PERFECTLY. It really means a lot when I get a note thanking me for the business, and Nate- who wrote the note and I presume filled the order- did an OUTSTANDING job! I found you over 3 years ago while looking for specific spices for a Vodka recipe. I was so tired running from store to store looking for hard to find spices like Ras el Hanout, Fenugreek seeds, Berbere seasoning, or pomegranate molasses! Your fresh and potent spices, blends and waters make me look like a 'rock star chef' to my family- they THINK I know what I am doing! Thank you again for the choices you give to us and for a fabulous product!"
- -Lisa S, of Portland, OR