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Root Beer Extract, Natural

Flavor BBQ, condiments and sauces. Add to ice cream, baked goods, and desserts, or drinks.

Water, propylene glycol, alcohol, and natural flavor. This product is gluten-free and does not contain any added sugar.

For homemade root beer, add simple syrup and extract to soda water.

Purchase in bottles:

Small Plastic (2floz)


Med. Plastic (4.5floz)


Large Plastic (9floz)


XL Glass (16floz)


“I wanted a dry rub, which I've never used before, and was directed to the BBQ section and chose the Pearl St. Plank Rub. My ribs were the best anyone that night had ever tasted. I really, really appreciate the cooking advice and recipes, as well as the high quality spices. Many thanks!”

-Jessie B. of Aurora, CO