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Featured Articles

  • The Quest for Authentic Jamaican Jerk

    Savory Spice Shop founders Mike and Janet Johnston took an expedition (vacation) into the jungles (warm, sunny beaches) of Jamaica to find a more authentic (delicious) jerk seasoning. This is the story of what they discovered!


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  • Ice cream? More Like Sp-Ice Cream!

    Nothing screams “Summer!” like ice cream does. This cold treat is almost universally loved and ice cream has become a global snack for those looking to get cool in the summer heat. While quite possibly every country has its own incarnation of this frozen delight, ice cream in the United States of America has almost become an obs...

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  • Savory's Summer Food Favorites

    Is there anything more American than BBQ? Yeah, we don’t think so either. July—filled with fireworks, picnics, and grilling—seemed the perfect excuse to ask a few Savory Spice Shop owners across the country how they celebrate. From beautiful Bend, nestled along Oregon’s Deschutes River, to the “Greatest Southern Town” of Franklin,...

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  • Meet Mapuche Style Merken

    Of all of our new Pura Vida Latin-inspired blends, it’s possible that the Mapuche Style Merken Seasoning has sparked the most conversation. In order to really understand this blend, you have to know where the name came from.

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