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  • Scary Hot Franken-chiles

    With Halloween right around the corner, we bring you one of the “scarier” spices— the Franken-chile. Also known as a hybrid chile, these chiles are crossbred from two different types to produce a brand new chile. Newly created hybrid chiles have traits and characteristics of both parent plants, usually producing an even hotter chile plant.

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  • The Making of a Cookbook

    Since the first Savory Spice Shop opened its doors ten years ago on Platte Street in Denver, Colorado, we’ve showcased different ways to use our seasonings through recipes. Our product labels have recipe ideas, we print recipe cards to display in-store, we teach cooking classes, and we publish recipes on our website. But customers have always asked, “Do ...

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  • Savory's Roots

    We are thrilled to be celebrating Savory Spice Shop's 10th anniversary after opening our first shop in Denver in 2004. We started our business with our original seasonings, a small grinder in the shop’s basement, and an intense passion for spices. We set out to deliver the fre...

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  • Spice Up Your Holidays!

    Whether you adhere to traditional recipes or like to take your own unique flavor path for your holiday feast, we have seasonings to spice up classic and creative dishes. Here are some of our favorites:

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