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Featured Articles

  • Caribbean Inspired Grilling

    If giving us warm sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and tropical cocktails isn’t enough, we can also thank the Caribbean for introducing the world to grilling. There are several theories on how both grilling as a cooking technique and the term barbeque traveled from the tropics, landing in our backyards.

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  • What are Makrut Lime Leaves?

    “What’s in a name?” Shakespeare’s Romeo asked more than 400 years ago. It’s a question that has likely been asked since the beginning of modern language. And it’s a question that we recently had to ask ourselves as well.

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  • The Quest for Authentic Jamaican Jerk

    Savory Spice Shop founders Mike and Janet Johnston took an expedition (vacation) into the jungles (warm, sunny beaches) of Jamaica to find a more authentic (delicious) jerk seasoning. This is the story of what they discovered!


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  • Ice cream? More Like Sp-Ice Cream!

    Nothing screams “Summer!” like ice cream does. This cold treat is almost universally loved and ice cream has become a global snack for those looking to get cool in the summer heat. While quite possibly every country has its own incarnation of this frozen delight, ice cream in the United States of America has almost become an obs...

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