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  • Keep Vampires at Bay

    For nearly 6,000 years, garlic has kept away the plague, been used as an embalming agent in ancient tombs, served as an offering to gods, cured scorpion bites, warded off witches, prevented racing horses from being passed by a faster horse, and charmed lovers. And, of course, everyone knows a string of garlic keeps vampires at bay.

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  • Dressing Up Spring

    Spring has sprung and, in Savory Spice Shop’s test kitchen, we’re happily transitioning from warm, hearty slow cooked dishes and roasts to refreshingly cool, crisp salads. And as soon as we start talking salad, we usually skip right to the dressing.

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  • Choosing Your Chili

    Chili, as we know it, likely originated in San Antonio, Texas. Natives of the Canary Islands emigrated to San Antonio in the 1700s and brought with them a saucy, spicy meat dish. Over centuries, chili has morphed into a dish that elicits regional variations and personal customizations.

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  • A Few of Our Favorite Irish Foods

    Corned beef, soda bread, and pretty much anything infused with Guinness. This is what comes to mind when thinking about traditional Irish food around St. Patrick’s Day, right? But what are the origins of these holiday food traditions that emerge every March?

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