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  • Savory's Roots

    We are thrilled to be celebrating Savory Spice Shop's 10th anniversary after opening our first shop in Denver in 2004. We started our business with our original seasonings, a small grinder in the shop’s basement, and an intense passion for spices. We set out to deliver the fre...

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  • Spice Up Your Holidays!

    Whether you adhere to traditional recipes or like to take your own unique flavor path for your holiday feast, we have seasonings to spice up classic and creative dishes. Here are some of our favorites:

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  • Pink Peppercorns: Tree Nut Allergen

    It has come to our attention that pink peppercorns can be quite dangerous to people with tree nut allergies. We'd like to share some information with you about how we're addressing this with any products that contain pink peppercorns....

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  • Our First Cookbook: Coming Soon!

    We're thrilled to announce that Savory Spice Shop’s first cookbook, Spice to Plate, will be available November 1st! Check back here or visit your local Savory location to purcha...

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