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"Creating a garden can be both rewarding and educational. Understanding the basics and how to start a plant from seed and nurture it to produce a bounty of delicious food is key to appreciating gardening at home."

Spring is in full swing and the cold, dark days of winter are behind us. Snow turns to rainstorms and with the rain nature bursts with new life and the vibrancy of spring. Flowers begin to bloom, sprinkling the world with color; trees flourish with that familiar blanket of green; and gardens everywhere start their journey from seed to harvest throughout coming months.

Creating a garden can be both rewarding and educational. Understanding the basics and how to start a plant from seed and nurture it to produce a bounty of delicious food is key to appreciating gardening at home.

In honor of Savory Spice Shop’s newest program, Seed to Seed, we decided to start our own garden. We carefully selected five different vegetable seeds: jalapeño, plum tomato, red beet, red onion, and pickling cucumber. For a limited time, we’re giving away these same seeds to customers; stop by your local Savory Spice Shop location to grab yours.



This summer we’ll be growing our garden alongside yours, and we’ll offer some well-seasoned recipes for your garden bounty along the way. Starting a garden from seed isn’t terribly difficult, but it does require a bit of finesse and a little planning. Here’s how we started ours:

1. Get a seed starter tray and good soil.
We started with a simple seed starter tray that you can pick up at any local greenhouse or home improvement store. We also purchased a high quality starter soil made by a company called Dr. Earth. Getting a soil that has quality nutrients is key in the success of your garden and gives your seeds the best chance of sprouting.


2. Follow the seed planting instructions.
Make sure you are following the seed planting instructions, because each seed is not created equally. Understanding when to start planting, row spacing, and seed depth can be found on the package of seeds.


3. Water your seedlings.
The one thing you will not see in the seed instructions is how much you’ll need to water the seeds until they sprout. The best rule of thumb is to keep your soil slightly damp. That way the seeds will be able to absorb the moisture but won’t be drowning. Over watering seeds can be just as harmful as not giving them water at all.


4. Transfer your sprouted plants.
Once your plant starts sprouting it’s only a matter of time until you have to transfer it to a bigger space. There is no real rule to how high the plant should be but if it has more than three leaves it’s a safe bet that it’s ready to plant outside.  Transferring starts with a process called hardening off the seedling. This means you have to introduce the sprouts to the outdoors by bringing them outside for a couple of hours during the day and night. They don’t have their defenses built up and need to be slowly introduced to all the elements, such as rain or wind. After a week of introducing them to the outside, you’re ready to move them into a bigger pot. Be gentle though because the roots are very fragile.


Overall, this should be a fun process. We were excited to get our garden started and it was relatively easy. Seeing how fast all the seeds sprouted into little thriving plants was amazing and very rewarding. Follow these simple steps with your new seeds and you’ll be just a couple of weeks away from seeing your garden come to life. And when it does, we’d love to see what your garden looks like, so be sure to share it with us on Instagram or Facebook. Get your garden growing!


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