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with Suzanne Klein

Suzanne Klein has been a loyal Savory customer since the first Denver shop opened in 2004. Suzanne now manages the test kitchen for the Savory Franchsing Team and is responsible for coming up with great new recipes and creating all things delicious!

Savory's Summer Food Favorites

Is there anything more American than BBQ? Yeah, we don’t think so either. July—filled with fireworks, picnics, and grilling—seemed the perfect excuse to ask a few Savory Spice Shop owners across the country how they celebrate. From beautiful Bend, nestled along Oregon’s Deschutes River, to the “Greatest Southern Town” of Franklin, Tennessee and Oklahoma City in the heartland of America, to bustling Chicagoland, these passionate spice shop owners love to celebrate with great food!

What is one of your favorite summer food memories?


“One of my favorite summer memories is our small town 4th of July parade. My father owns an antique fire engine, so we pile the kids in the back and drive in the parade with candy flying off the back of the truck. After the parade we all head over to my mom’s for a BBQ and pool party.” – Hollie Rollins, Franklin, TN owner

Hollie Rollins, Franklin, TN owner

“Good BBQ was not readily available in my hometown so I looked forward to an annual BBQ pool party at a friend’s house—their Dad made some great ribs. The flavors were amazing and I now understand that BBQ is all about the spices and patience.” – Matt Perry, Bend, OR owner

“Tailgate picnics in the wheat field during harvest! Mostly just sandwiches and watermelon, but oh so delicious!” – Able Blakley, Oklahoma City, OK owner

“Hearing the ‘ding ding ding’ of the ice cream truck and getting a red, white, and blue Bomb Pop. With temps frequently hovering around 100 degrees, it was a race to finish before it melted all over your face and arms. A sticky, delicious, and patriotic mess.” – David Trout, Lincoln Square/Chicago, IL owner

What are one or two of your must-have Savory seasonings for grilling?


“We are fans of beef ribs with Native Texan BBQ Rub. We like them sauced (or mopped) with our BBQ Master Sauce. Native Texan is our go-to blend for this sauce for that extra layer of flavor.” – Hollie Rollins, Franklin, TN owner

Matt Perry, Bend, OR owner

Peruvian Chile Lime Seasoning and Bucktown Brown Mustard & Honey Rub – Matt Perry, Bend, OR owner

Great Plains Bison & Beef Rub for hamburgers and Ghost Pepper Salt for steaks. Sear off a steak and finish it with a little butter and Ghost Pepper Salt…it will BLOW YOUR MIND!” — Able Blakley, Oklahoma City, OK owner

Mt. Elbert All-Purpose Seasoning. We grill vegetables (sweet potatoes, yellow squash, zucchini, and onion) in our grilling basket with just a little olive oil and Mt. Elbert until they are oh-so slightly charred. Just shake the basket every so often. They are always the first things gone at dinner. And if you have any leftovers (unlikely) they make for great grilled quesadillas the next day. Just add them to tortillas, Chiahuahua cheese, and a dash of Canyon Road Red Enchilada Seasoning.” — David Trout, Lincoln Square/Chicago, IL owner

Is there a certain dish you typically bring to summer picnics/parties? What is special about it?


“David and I are usually responsible for the BBQ pulled pork. It is a super easy dish to make that feeds a crowd. Memphis BBQ Rub is our favorite for pork butt; it’s a perfect blend for low and slow style BBQ.” – Hollie Rollins, Franklin, TN owner

Able Blakley, Oklahoma City, OK owner

“Orzo pasta or quinoa salads with chopped grilled veggies and feta cheese. It's tasty, quick, easy, and can feed a lot of people. You can also change it up easily by using different seasoning blends each time, including (but not limited to) Siesta Key Spanish Sazon, La Plata Peak Adobo Spice, and Homestead Seasoning. – Matt Perry, Bend, OR owner

“I usually bring my mom/grandma's ‘Yellow Bowl Potato Salad’. If you are familiar with Pyrex nesting bowls, you know exactly what I'm talking about. The yellow bowl was the largest of the set, and I'm convinced potato salad doesn't taste right if served out of any other dish!” – Able Blakley, Oklahoma City, OK owner

“Tri-Color Pasta Salad with black olives, green onion, fresh tomatoes, Mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni slices. I always like the coolness of a properly chilled pasta salad on a hot day. Making the vinaigrette in this recipe with Cantanzaro Herbs would be delish!” — David Trout, Lincoln Square/Chicago, IL owner

What are one or two of your favorite Savory recipes for summer or BBQ fare?


“Summer BBQs need something icy and refreshing—we love our Blackberry Sangria for the adults and Watermelon Coolers for the kids.” — Hollie Rollins, Franklin, TN owner

David Trout, Lincoln Square/Chicago, IL owner

Pearl St. Cedar Plank Salmon and Mediterranean Orzo Pasta Salad.” — Matt Perry, Bend, OR owner

Jamaican Jerk Burgers with Grilled Pineapple & Avocado Dip is a nice combo of spicy with sweet and cool. And it’s something different than you’ll get at an ordinary backyard BBQ.” — Able Blakley, Oklahoma City, OK owner

Bajan Hot Pepper Grilled Chicken: Ooooooo. It's hot. — David Trout, Lincoln Square/Chicago, IL owner


For more great summer recipe ideas, stop by your local Savory Spice Shop and chat with a spice merchant. Or search “grilled” or “BBQ” in the Recipes section of our website.

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