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Makrut lime leaves are indigenous to Southeast Asia. Many of the trees now thrive in Hawaii. They have a citrus-like, floral aroma and impart a unique flavor. Powdered leaves can be potent, so a little will give a dish serious flavor.

The makrut lime, aside from being a spice, is used as an effective cleanser and a natural deodorizer.

The bright flavor of lime leaves is essential to tangy curries, salads, and soups of Thailand. Great for recreating dishes from Southeast Asia, South America, and the Caribbean. For a unique flavor, add a bit to breads or desserts.

Makrut lime leaves are indigenous to Southeast Asia.
“Capitol Hill is AMAZING! Getting more as I used the last in smashed red potatoes last night. The other half took to work today and shared with a coworker -- ordering a bottle for her. You should consider a warning label: HIGHLY ADDICTIVE! YUUUUUUUUM!”
- -Andrew R. of Bonita Springs, FL