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Welcome to Savory's recipe finder! Whenever we create a new blend we do a lot of testing and retesting. For example, while creating our Tikka Masala blend, we continued to tweak it as well as a standard Chicken Tikka Masala recipe used for testing. The result (after MANY Chicken Tikka Masala dinners) was not only the perfect blend, but a recipe that showcased that blend beautifully.

We have also worked hard to create recipes that are not intimidating. In simplifying what could be complicated procedures and reducing the time it takes to make dishes, such as Mexican Molé, we hope to help give you the confidence to take on a dish that you may not have otherwise.


“I ordered some spices online from you guys and just wanted to thank you. Everything was so nice and neatly packaged. The gift set I purchased for Mother's Day was lovely with not a scratch or a dent anywhere in the cardboard.”

-Stacey B. of New Haven, CT