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 Easy to put together and delicious, this roast is a version of the popular Mississippi Roast made with pepperoncini peppers and chuck roast.



Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat. Pat roast dry and season both sides with salt and pepper to taste. When skillet is very hot, add oil and brown the roast well on both sides (about 3 to 4 min. per side). Transfer roast to a crock pot. Peel and smash garlic cloves into a paste and rub evenly over the top of the roast. In a separate bowl, mix spices and shallots together and sprinkle evenly over roast. Place butter pats across the roast and top with sliced peppers. Re-heat skillet over medium-heat and deglaze with liquid from the pepper jar, stirring for about a minute to get the browned bits on the bottom, then pour liquid into crock pot. Let everything cook for about 6 to 7 hours or until the roast is tender and falling apart. Use two forks to shred the meat and serve.

Serving Suggestions

Serve with roasted vegetables or use leftovers in a sandwich with your favorite bread!


8 to 10 servings

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