In general, hams are heated in the oven at 325 degrees. Cooked and uncooked hams need 15 to 30 min. of cooking time per pound. Cooked hams should have a 135 degree internal temperature before being removed from the oven and a 140 degree internal finished temperature after resting. Uncooked hams should have a 155 to 160 degree internal temperature before being removed from the oven and a 160 to 170 degree internal finished temperature after resting.


Cook ham according to directions on ham’s package. Carefully remove ham from oven 45 min. before it should be done. Allow ham to cool slightly, then pat and rub in half of the spice rub, covering the top and sides as evenly as possible. Place ham back in oven for 15 min., then remove from oven again and allow it to cool slightly. Turn ham over and pat and rub it with remaining spice rub. Place ham back in oven for 30 more min., basting every 10 min. with the juices in the roasting pan. When temperature has reached desired level, remove ham from oven and set aside on a cutting board to rest for 10 to 15 min. Carve ham and serve.

Serving Suggestions

When you pull ham out of the oven to rub in the spice, add several halved apples and/or pears to the bottom of the roasting pan with the ham and sprinkle them with some of the spice rub. Baste the fruit as you baste the ham. For a festive addition, try pressing pecan halves to the top and sides of the ham (using toothpicks to secure) when you rub in on the spice. If you add pecans, omit turning the ham over, but continue with basting instructions.


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