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Able’s Peppercorn Puerco Pebil

The pepper factor is amplified in this twist on a traditional Mayan-style puerco (or cochinita) pebil, a flavorful, slow-roasted pork dish.

The Four Corners Peppercorn Blend blend contains pink peppercorns, which are related to cashews and may produce an allergic response in people with allergies to tree nuts.



*Seed habanero chiles for less heat. Banana leaves are optional but very cool and add to the presentation of the dish.


Place Four Corners, Szechwan, allspice and cumin in a coffee/spice grinder and grind to a very fine powder. Place powder, achiote paste, garlic, vinegar lemon juice, orange zest and juice, salt, tequila, and habanero chiles in a blender and blend thoroughly. Cut pork into 2-inch cubes and place in a large zip top bag. Pour contents of blender into bag, seal and refrigerate overnight. Line a baking dish with banana leaves, if using, leaving enough overhang to cover top. Pour pork and marinade into the dish along with ½ cup water. Wrap banana leaves over pork to cover completely. Cover dish with aluminum foil and/or lid. Slow roast in a 325-degree oven for 3 hours, or until pork pieces are so tender they're falling apart.

Serving Suggestions:

Serve on banana leaves over rice with garnishes like cilantro, pickled onions or a crumbled Latin cheese, such as queso seco. If you are saving any pork for later, remove it from the banana leaf wrapping first.


4 to 8 servings

Thanks to:

Able Blakley, Savory Spice Shop—Oklahoma City, OK owner
This recipe has been tested for accuracy by the Savory Spice Shop Test Kitchen.
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Savory Spice Shop Ingredients
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