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Norm’s Black Hills Barbacoa



There are two cooking methods you can use for this recipe depending on your preference: The slow cooker method yields meat that pulls apart and the oven method yields meat that is more stew like and chunky.


Make a BBQ sauce by mixing the Black Hills with the ketchup. Mash the achiote paste into the BBQ sauce until thoroughly combined. Place meat in a slow cooker crock, Dutch oven or casserole dish and spread sauce over all sides of meat. Squeeze orange juice and pulp over meat and pour in remaining ingredients. Slow cooker method: Set on low and cook for 8 to 10 hours. Oven method: Cover and place in 400-degree oven for 40 min., remove cover and cook for 10 more min.

Serving Suggestions:

To make a nice serving sauce, pour 1 cup of the liquid from the cooked barbacoa into a saucepan. Over medium-high heat, stir until reduced to a thick sauce, about 10 to 12 min. Try serving barbacoa on tortillas, sprinkled with your favorite shredded cheese and topped with a spoonful of this tasty sauce.


4 servings

Thanks to:

Norm, Savory Spice Shop customer
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2 reviews

  • Review by: suzykklein

    This is great recipe for a crowd. Made it for an office lunch and there were many compliments and happy bellies afterwards.

  • Review by: mebolin

    This recipe is a staple in our house. We make it a couple times a year. It freezes well and makes incredible leftovers. We put extras into breakfast burritos. Love to serve it shredded in corn tortillas with any cheese and topped with a jicama or cabbage slaw! GREAT for a large party!

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