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Chili Powder, Mild (Salt-Free)

When it comes to comfort foods, chili is at the top of the list. Chili seems to be a seasonal food that is eaten out of season more and more every year.

Chile peppers, garlic, cumin, California paprika and Mexican oregano

Our mild chili is made from chile peppers, garlic, cumin, California paprika and Mexican oregano. Traditionally, people were able to wait for a break in the warm weather before they were to start a pot of their signature chili. Lately we have noticed chili contests forming year-round and for good reason, chili is pleasing no matter the season. Use 2-4 tbsp. per quart of chili depending on your taste.

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Chili Powder, Mild (Salt-Free) Recipes

The following recipes use Chili Powder, Mild (Salt-Free).

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