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Epazote is native to Mexico and is an important ingredient in Yucatan and Guatemala cuisine. We carry a dehydrated epazote, but do recommend fresh whenever possible. When substituting dry for fresh, use about half of what the recipe requires.

The Catawaba, a Native American people from North and South Carolina, used epazote to treat snakebites.

Try using to add authentic flavor to molé verde, black bean dishes, salsas and quesadillas. Combines well with tomatillos, chorizo sausage, rice and pork. Epazote should be used toward the last 15 minutes of the cooking process, as it can become bitter when cooked too long. In addition, epazote should be used with a light hand as it can overpower other flavors and in large doses can be toxic and cause dizziness.

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Epazote is native to Mexico.

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