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Mustard Seeds, Black, Organic

After a long search, we have obtained these amazing black mustard seeds from India. Although similar to brown in looks, black mustard seeds are bigger and possess an earthy, far less bitter flavor. Black seeds shed their pods when mature, unlike brown seeds, making it necessary to hand pick them, which makes them harder to attain.

Mustard has been called the third most important spice after salt and pepper.

The enzyme myrosine is what creates the pungent taste of mustard and is activated by water. Roasting these seeds in oil will keep the taste subtle and add a less pungent, but nutty flavor to things such as curry pastes.

Purchase in bottles:

Medium glass
(net 3.50 oz)


Purchase bottle refills (in bags):

Medium glass refill
(net 3.50 oz)


We obtain our black mustard seeds from Canada.

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