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Peppercorns, Pink, Reunion Island

This item is related to cashews and may produce an allergic response in people with allergies to tree nuts.

Unlike green, white and black peppercorns, pink peppercorns are not a true peppercorn nor are they part of the same family. These peppercorns, also known as Peruvian pepper, Caribbean pepper and red or rose peppercorns, do not possess the heat quality of true peppercorns.

Caution: As pink peppercorns are from a plant related to the cashew family, this product is a nut allergen.

These Reunion Island pink peppercorns have a fruity, nutty, sweet flavor and are very delicate and light compared to true peppercorns. Try using these ‘rosies’ whole in sauces or to sear Ahi tuna or pork loin.

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Pink peppercorns are native to Brazil.

Peppercorns, Pink, Reunion Island Recipes

The following recipes use Peppercorns, Pink, Reunion Island.

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