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Asian Style Sprinkle


Asian Style Sprinkle

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1/2 Cup Jar  
Net 2.50oz
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1/2 Cup Jar - $6.75
Bottle Size: 4.25" x 2"
(Per Ounce Cost: $2.70)

1 1/2 Cup Jar - $16.15
Bottle Size: 5.5" x 2.5"
(Per Ounce Cost: $2.07)

1/2 Cup Bag - $5.95
Bag Size: 9" x 6"
(Per Ounce Cost: $2.38)

1 Cup Bag - $9.65
Bag Size: 7" x 4.25"
(Per Ounce Cost: $1.93)

Asian Style Sprinkle Details

World Flavors

This exciting Asian style sprinkle possesses the perfect combination of mild heat and flavor (it's a 3 on a heat scale of 1 to 10). The blend’s many natural colors also adds to the dish's presentation.

Use this sprinkle to encrust chicken, fish, or pork. This blend works particularly well as a finisher in stir-fries. Try as a sprinkle on salads and omelets or to add flavor while sautéing vegetables.

Spice Tips!

More Uses:

Asian Style Coleslaw: Add to your favorite coleslaw recipe for a new twist.

Ahi Tuna: Sprinkle over Tuna steak before roasting or grilling for an elegant main course.

Asian Style Sprinkle Nutrition

Nutritional Information
Black Pepper-Free

Asian Style Sprinkle Ingredients

White sugar, garlic, white and black sesame seeds, white onion, red bell peppers, green onion, minced green onion, cilantro, ginger, crushed red peppers, mild mustard powder, wasabi, toasted seaweed

Asian Style Sprinkle Flavor

This salt-free sprinkle is nutty, aromatic, bittersweet, and briney with peppery notes and medium low heat.

Asian Style Sprinkle Uses

Encrust chicken and pork. Add to stir-fries and omelets. Sprinkle on veggies.

Asian Style Sprinkle - Nutrition Facts

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