Staff Resolutions: Living Life Full in 2019


with Emily Bishop
Savory Spice Team
January 4, 2019
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Staff Resolutions: Living Life Full in 2019

With a new year ahead, many of us are looking for ways to improve. It’s natural to see the new year as a “fresh start,” and we’re all for setting goals to make positive changes. But for us, this year’s motto is “New Year, Same You.” Because let’s face it, you’re pretty awesome just as you are - and so is your cooking.

This year we want to focus on doing more of what we do best: creating meaningful moments and flavorful food. We hope these 2019 resolutions from some of our Savory Spice team inspires you to join us in making this year the tastiest and most memorable one yet.


Debra Gerard, Office Manager at our home office in Denver, CO. 

2019 Cooking Resolution: This year, Debra wants to “be more adventurous with cooking and not always resort to safe standbys: chicken, fish, garlic, onion, crushed red pepper.” Now that she “works for an amazing spice company, there are no excuses.” She would also like to “invite more friends and family over to share in a meal.” Debra “puts a lot of love into cooking and love is always better when shared.”

Spices to try: Deb is working on filling her pantry with new flavors, such as “Thai Coconut Curry Soup and milder curry powders, Asian Style Sprinkle, Southern Spain Pinchito Spice and Spanish Saffron, Honey Powder and Makrut Lime Sea Salt.” She also wants to “try Pakistan Rose Petals in a dessert.” These unique products “will open up a new repertoire of world foods and flavor combinations,” and she’s excited to share these new flavors with friends and family.



Shannon O’Hara, Manager at our Platte Street shop in Denver, CO. 

2019 Cooking Resolution: This year, Shannon wants to “actually utilize cookbooks at home. We all have that stack of cookbooks in our kitchens that just seem to just sit there year after year,” so Shannon plans to use them frequently in 2019. She also hopes to use those cookbooks to “focus on preparing and enjoying whole meals versus relying on snacks to get through the day.”

Spices to try: The seasonings Shannon wants “to use to accomplish this goal are the single ingredients that we offer.” Shannons thinks “making your spice blends from scratch is a fun way to be more creative in the kitchen - but so is cooking simply with herbs and spices.” In addition to straight spices, Shannon wants “to work with some Spice ‘n Easy products, adding a spin to them. For example, “using different fruits with our Spiced Apple Bake as well as using our Feta Turkey Burger and forming it into small meatballs tucked into a pita, similar to a falafel.”


Michael Kimball, Test Kitchen Chef Intern at our home office in Denver, CO. 

2019 Cooking Resolution: This year, Michael wants to “dive deeper into authentic global cuisines.” Each month he plans to “select a traditional dish from a different part of the world to learn more about and recreate at home.” He is going to start this month “with Japanese cuisine and make a few nabemono, or one-pot meals, with some super fluffy cheesecake for dessert.” As a Test Kitchen Chef, “2019 is going to be all about adding flavors and techniques” to his repertoire. As a home cook, “he wants to keep cooking fun and stress-free while sharing amazing flavors with loved ones.”

Spices to try:Shichimi Togarashi is a must for many Japanese recipes and is versatile enough to use in other Asian-inspired dishes, like our 7 Spice Kung Pao Chicken Recipe.” Michael will be diving into our World Flavors collection “with blends like Garam Masala, Za'atar Seasoning, and Peruvian Chile Lime Seasoning.” These seasonings will be “absolutely essential” for Michael to “hone in on the authentic flavors” and discover new dishes.


Tiona Crow, Manager at our shop in Littleton, CO. 

2019 Cooking Resolution: This year, Tiona “would like to eat at home more and eat out less.” She plans to “become a master at meal planning and prepping.” To keep it exciting, Tiona is “going to incorporate a different type of cuisine each week.” She also plans to spend more time “with her daughters in the kitchen teaching them those traditional family recipes and hopefully fueling a love of cooking with in them while making memories at the same time.” Tiona plans to use cooking as an outlet to spend more time with those she loves and “appreciating the time shared together.”

Spices to try: Tiona will use many spices and recipes to give her inspiration. Tiona loves browsing our recipes and using our blends “because they make meals so easy.” In addition to blends, Tiona is a huge fan of our Spice ‘n Easy packets. Not only do they create delicious dishes with a few simple steps, but they “are so versatile, you can always change them up and use them in different ways.” Tiona loves to use Seven Onion Dip to create an amazing chicken and rice dish and Red Bell Ranch to sprinkle some on popcorn before movie time with her girls, and she can’t wait to find more ways to use these favorites in the new year.


Geo Varkey, Spice Merchant at our shop in Peddler’s Village, PA. 

2019 Cooking Resolution: Geo wants “to learn how to make a variety of international cuisine and baked goods, as well as cook and bake more with family.” He plans to do so by “traveling to try new dishes and trying to recreate them.” A few recipes Geo wants to make first are Grilled Pinchitos with Yogurt Lime Dipping Sauce and Coconut Curried Hummus.

Spices to try: Geo plans to explore cooking with different exotic spices such as Jamaican Jerk Seasoning or Madagascar Cloves. These unique flavors will definitely help Geo find culinary adventure in 2019. Geo also wants to share his favorite, Black Onyx Chocolate Sugar. He wants to use it to “rim a mug of hot chocolate for [his] little cousins or make a chocolate infused alcoholic beverage” for friends. Cheers to that!



Stephanie Bullen, Warehouse Operations Manager at our warehouse in Denver, CO. 

2019 Cooking Resolution: With busy days ahead, Stephanie “wants to set aside time for meal planning and prep each week” so she “can have some great lunches on work days - and easy dinners at the end of the day.” She also wants to make trying new things a priority in 2019. Stephanie plans to “pull out some Spanish, Czech, and Middle Eastern cookbooks and actually cook from them instead of just drooling over the photos.”

Spices to try: Stephanie plans to take advantage of our Spice ‘n Easy products, as they “are a big help” when it comes to easy meals. She especially loves the Rustic Red Sauce and “always keeps a package of that and a can of tomatoes in the pantry” to create an easy and satisfying meal. Stephanie will also take advantage of the many recipes we have available on our website. She “really loves recipes that make it easy to swap spices” to get different flavors like our Mediterranean Buddha Bowl, where it’s easy to “swap in black beans and bell peppers and use Cuban Island Spice to make it Southwestern instead.” Stephanie has many great ideas and is looking forward to a flavorful year.


To our customers: We hope you add some cooking resolutions to your 2019 goals too! Thank you for your continued support and we wish you all the happiest in 2019.

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