Bogart’s Smoke House: St. Louis, MO


with Matt Osier
Savory Spice Team
August 31, 2016
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Bogart’s Smoke House: St. Louis, MO

With my guest barbecue chasers in tow, day 35 started at my 77th BBQ joint, Bogart's Smokehouse in St. Louis, MO. Here we got the chance to sit down and talk 'cue with Nicki Puto who is one of the owners. She filled us in on the history of Bogart's and how they made this joint into such a great success. Bogart's and our second stop today, Pappy's, are owned by the same group, but both are worth checking out because they do some things a little differently including menu items.

Here we ordered up a rack of ribs and three smoked meat sandwiches... pastrami, tri-tip sirloin and burnt ends. Added sides of slaw, deviled egg potato salad, baked beans and fire & ice house-made pickles.

Doug, my bro-in-law and guest chaser, came out of the gates hot and made the rookie mistake of eating way too much at the first stop of a packed day. However, the good news for the rest of the team (Kristen, my sis-in-law "the quicker learner" and me) was that he has a good palate, so his massive consumption allowed him to really analyze the flavors...and he was key in helping us finalize our team highlights! Everything was very good including their four different sauces, but we loved, loved the ribs and their tasty "torched" apricot glaze...and the cherry and apple smoked pastrami was outstanding and a first for all of us...and both the creamy and interesting deviled egg potato salad and those tangy fire and ice pickles.

Next off the Pappy's...Doug has an half hour to digest! #‎chasingbbq   

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