Chasing BBQ: Kentucky, Illinois, and St. Louis Recipe Favorites


with Suzanne Klein
Savory Spice Team
September 23, 2016
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Chasing BBQ: Kentucky, Illinois, and St. Louis Recipe Favorites

The second-to-last leg of founder Mike Johnston’s Chasing BBQ journey had him stopping at BBQ joints throughout Kentucky, Illinois, and St. Louis. It turned out to be a tour of Midwest barbecue with a little bit of the South thrown in. We spent time in the Savory Spice test kitchen recreating some of Mike’s favorite proteins and sides from these regions. We made a few things we’ve never tried before, including Kentucky mutton and burgoo stew. We got messy making sticky-sweet St. Louis style ribs. And we stumbled upon some Midwest-inspired sides like hash brown casserole and cinnamon apple baked beans. A lot of the dishes, though new to us, felt familiar and nostalgic…like visiting grandma’s house.

Here are some of my favorite recipes from this region:

Smoked Mutton Shoulder
I had never tried mutton until this summer, when Mike smoked both a leg and a shoulder to recreate his Kentucky BBQ experience. Mutton (a mature sheep older than 1 year) is unique to Kentucky barbecue. Cooked low and slow in a smoker, it develops a great bark on the outside and stays moist and tender on the inside. You can smoke lamb shoulder using this method, but if you can track down some mutton it’s worth a try.

Black Dip BBQ Sauce
Kentucky is home to a unique Worcestershire inspired BBQ sauce they call “black dip”. This thin sauce is typically served with chopped mutton or pork. Our new small batch Black Dip BBQ Sauce is a nod to the Kentucky classic. It’s a must for mutton, but it’s also great with chicken and pork, as a dipping sauce for pot stickers or steak sandwiches, as a seasoning for stir-fry, or as a way to punch up the flavor in any kind of broth. 

Kentucky Burgoo with Cornmeal Drop Biscuits
There is no one way to make Kentucky’s burgoo stew; every town, BBQ joint, or family has their own recipe. The common denominator for the stew is using lots of different kinds of meat. We used a mix of leftover barbecued meats—brisket, pork, mutton, chicken—for our version. It reminds me of a classic Midwest stew, and it’s just perfect served with cornmeal biscuits for dunking.

Grandma Johnston’s Cole Slaw
Mike spent the summers of his youth at Grandma’s house in Southern Illinois. This is the addictively sweet, finely shredded cole slaw she used to serve the family during those visits. It’s perfect for pulled pork sandwiches. I love it on a barbecue plate to help balance out the rich, savory meats.

Cinnamon Apple Baked Beans
Baked beans are on the menus of most BBQ joints and it seems like each joint gives their beans a little twist. Mike fell in love with the unique cinnamon sugar baked beans at Smoki O’s in St. Louis. Our attempt to recreate those flavors led us to this version with tart apples, sharp cinnamon, and our sweet vanilla bean sugar. It tastes a little like apple pie filling got mixed with baked beans on your barbecue plate.

If you have favorite barbecue dishes that use Savory Spice products, please submit your recipes to our test kitchen so we can share them with our Savory friends and family.

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(guest), on July 20, 2017

I wanted to drop you a note on your "Chasing Barbecue" quest. I have traveled a lot during the last 40 years and stayed out on assignments all over the country. One of the first things I always sought out was a good place for barbecue. Also on the list was a good steak house and a good place to stay. However, barbecue was usually the first on my list. I moved from St Louis MO to the Durham NC area in 2005. Being from the midwest was quite a "barbecue culture shock". What they serve here was quite alien to what the rest of the country serves. However, there are a few places that have fused southern, Texas and midwest barbecue and have come up with some pretty good Cue! And so reading your (Chasing) post was rather interesting. I also wanted to say that I had not known about your products until about the last 9 or 10 months. I had been buying spices from another spice purveyor that is based up in MN. After over 25 years of buying fresh spices from that seller, the owner of the business decided to throw his politics into his business and insulted half of the country and along with that half of his customers. Well, I couldn't take such an outrageous simply intolerant comment lightly. After all, we are all in this together. I then sought out a new source of fresh spice and found your website. I also found you have a shop in Greensboro NC. Well, I was quite delighted with this and have been buying quite a lot of your spices and have been most happy with what you sell. The people that work in the Greensboro shop are all very nice and quite helpful. I travel from my home about 45 miles from Greensboro several times per week. I generally stop at your store at least weekly. Thanks for providing such great products. I look forward to doing business with you for a long time. Gerald Grass 314-565-6280

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