Smoki O’s BBQ: St. Louis. MO


with Matt Osier
Savory Spice Team
August 31, 2016
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Smoki O’s BBQ: St. Louis. MO

REPLACEMENT STOP! Okay so I made it to Kansas City last night, but not before finding one more cool barbecue joint in St. Louis. My last planned stop was very close to the Arch and they were doing tons of construction on and around it so I couldn't get to it with my rig in tow. So I went to a place that Mike Mills of 17th Street Barbecue told me about...Smoki O's Bar-B-Que, my 82nd stop.
What they feature there is snoot! That's right pig snout. Okay, before those of you with weaker stomachs tune out, the reality is, that these are very much like pork rinds. They aren't smoked, but like a rind they are fried and you can order them up with or without sauce. I went with. This BBQ joint definitely had a soul food vibe to the menu, so I paired those up with another first...turkey ribs...and rounded my meal out with a helping of Earline's mothers recipe for mac & cheese, greens and the most amazing cinnamon & sugar spiced baked beans.

I have to say, I enjoyed all of the flavors they had going on here. The greens were a touch salty, but I liked em that way. The sauce on the turkey ribs and snoot was sticky and sweet. Her mom's mac and cheese was the cheesiest...and those beans I could have eaten a gallon of!

They do have less intimidating items on the menu too, like the tender rib tips that I sampled. Go there and meet some very friendly BBQ folks who have been doing the snout to tail cooking long, long before it came back into vogue! #‎chasingbbq   

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