Sugarfire Smoke House: St. Louis, MO


with Matt Osier
Savory Spice Team
August 31, 2016
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Sugarfire Smoke House: St. Louis, MO

BONUS STOP...stop 79! I heard about Sugarfire Smoke House sometime very early on during my #‎chasingbbq road trip, so I've been hoping that I'd find some extra time to fit them in. Having my two chasing-in-laws with me helped to find that time!
Even though it's located in a "strip mall" type location, once inside this place it's clearly a joint. Not only was the decor thought out well, but the whole concept was very interesting...for both the customer and the staff. This place is inventive and chef driven, in fact, there is no two days that you could visit that you'll ever find the same menu. Yes, the core 'cue items are there, but other then that all bets are off.

Today we found some really amazing sides to choose from. After being given sample sizes of all to try, we prudently limited ourselves to two and had some smoky wonderfulness in the brisket & beans and some cheesy perfection in the tater tot casserole…with a cheese sauce...oh my was that good. We also ordered a 5 meat plate and a generous portion of "northerner" cornbread. Our hickory and cherry smoked meat selections were house-made sausage, ribs, turkey, brisket and pulled pork. The highlights on the 5 meat were the freshly made sausage...interestingly flavored..herby...and...the super juicy turkey. Another stand out was the coffee BBQ sauce...really enjoyed that topping the pulled pork.

Doug stated before entering that he was going to sit on the sidelines, but like a real team player...when push came to shove...he shoveled just a little greater barbecue in! Now we need a serious break and some exercise. One more stop to go though!

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