The Shaved Duck: St.Louis, MO


with Matt Osier
Savory Spice Team
August 31, 2016
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The Shaved Duck: St.Louis, MO

Our last stop on day 35...my 80th...was at The Shaved Duck in St. Louis, MO. This spot is tucked away down a neighborhood side street. The place really feels more like an upscale tavern or restaurant than a "joint". That said, there were picnic tables outside, so you had the option of sitting outside while you dine.

We didn't get a chance to talk with anyone or see any pits, so we based our experience on the food and service. We ordered a 3 meat plate that included smoked meatloaf with a root beer glaze, ribs and burnt ends with a single side of sautéed brussels sprouts. The highlights were the sprouts, meatloaf and the chewy burnt ends. That said, our server was even better. She really did a great job and pointed us in the direction of Old Standard Fried Chicken where we could find some homemade banana pudding that Kristen had been hoping to try after seeing many of my posts including it at other 'cue spots around the country. And that banana pudding delivered...definitely want to go back there and try their fried chicken next time I'm in St. Louis.

Thanks Doug and Kristen for driving down 3 hours to join me for a day of #‎chasingbqq...Great time!

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