Vernon's BBQ and Catering: St. Louis, MO


with Matt Osier
Savory Spice Team
August 31, 2016
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Vernon's BBQ and Catering: St. Louis, MO

Yesterday was a day of firsts at both stops I made. Yes, I hoped to get in two more stops, but that didn't happen...but not for lack of trying.

The first stop on day 36 was my 81st BBQ joint, Vernon's BBQ and Catering in St. Louis, MO. Here I met both of the owners and pitmasters, Matt Stiffelman and Tim Zolman. Tim was the lucky one and kept manning the smoker, while Matt drew the short end and ended up talking 'cue with me. Actually it was a really interesting talk. When it came to the history of barbecue in The Lou he really was loaded with great info....very interesting barbecue family tree here.

What was also interesting is the types of wood they use to smoke with...all fruit woods...some common...apple and peach, and another not so much...mulberry! They believe here that smoke is just one ingredient that shouldn't be overpowering, but harmonize.
Regarding the barbecue, the two new items weren't so much new to my palate as they were new to my#‎chasingbbq road trip...and they were smoked tofu and corned beef. I also tried the glazed ribs, chicken wings, turkey, pulled pork and smoked ham...love me some ham! Paired those with green beans and potato salad. Matt also brought out an amazing peach cobbler...they smoke the peaches first. I love when BBQ joints get a little creative with the desserts.

The highlights for me were that smoky peach cobbler, sweet and spicy glazed ribs, perfectly textured corned beef and I loved those string beans. Everything else had really good flavor including the smoky, nicely seasoned tofu.

Check these guys out...if you have a vegetation or vegan friend they have options available.

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