12 Bones Smokehouse: Ashville, NC


with Matt Osier
Savory Spice Team
July 29, 2016
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12 Bones Smokehouse: Ashville, NC

I'm posting yesterday's two stops today as I had to drive 6 hours to be in position to stay the course, finish strong and be able to get to a couple bonus stops today...if all goes as planned. After a couple days off to do some fly fishing in the Smoky Mountains I was back out #‎chasingbbq. To begin day 32 I stopped at my 70th joint, 12 Bones Smokehouse. Here I had the chance to meet Bryan King, a native Asheville guy who owns this cool spot along with his wife Angela. It was interesting to hear how they came to own their business, learn the art of BBQ and their philosophy on how they treat their employees, who, as we all know, are the key to any successful business.

When it comes to the 'cue and sides this place is no joke. They make it all in-house and they're not afraid to spin up some real interesting flavors. The ribs are a great example, they barbecue them up two ways...naked (just salt & pepper) or with their brown sugar heavy rub. The naked ribs can then be finished with any one of their sauces, which can vary. One constant is the blueberry chipotle sauce so I ordered 3 bones finished with it and 3 with the brown sugar rub. Of course the sauces can be had as sides so you can dip any of the 'cue into them. I completed my order with some pulled pork, chicken and brisket two ways...sliced and chopped...and rounded it out with sides of corning pudding, collards, jalapeño grits and "northerner style" cornbread. And to make it even more interesting Bryan brought me two additional sauces to try..RC cola poblano (RC has made a comeback in Asheville!) and sweet and spicy habanero.

Everything was really, really good, but the highlights for me were both styles of oak and cherry smoked baby backs...that blueberry chipotle sauce is outstanding, chopped brisket, the amazing texture and flavor of the corn pudding, the tender, bacon flavored collards and being a northerner I loved the cornbread. They have two locations in Asheville, so when you're in the area look them up and go enjoy some real interesting 'cue!       

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