Adams Roadside BBQ: Goldsboro, NC


with Mike Johnston
July 29, 2016
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Adams Roadside BBQ: Goldsboro, NC

I'm in Eastern North Carolina right? I've been out #‎chasingbbq for 26 days now and sometimes I'm not sure where I am when I wake up. Nah...I know where I am, but I honestly didn't expect a Texas barbecue experience here...this is pork country!

Here's the thing, Karen and her husband Scott, the owners of Adams Roadside BBQ in Goldsboro, NC, are from here and I'm pretty sure she said they haven't been to Texas either..so to smoke up this level of Texas 'cue is very impressive.

We got lucky and showed up on Saturday, one of the two days (Friday being the other) they have beef ribs on the menu. Tony, my pork loving traveling partner this weekend, has had his fair share of beef, even short ribs, but he never had a Texas cued beef rib. I'm not saying pork has been supplanted by any means, but he was definitely in love! And he should be, they did Texas proud.

We also ordered up some juicy and tender lean end brisket, baby backs, chopped moist BBQ pork and chicken and we rounded it out with some wholesome brunswick stew, smoky baked beans and cheesy mac and two of their barbecue sauces. All of it was more than solid. The highlights for me were the beef rib, brisket, the mac and the brunswick stew. Tony's favorite, well...it was obvious! If you're looking for a change of pace barbecue-wise while in NC, give Adams a try. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised...I was!

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