Boss Man Pitt Stop: Memphis, TN


with Mike Johnston
May 31, 2016
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Boss Man Pitt Stop: Memphis, TN

BONUS STOP! Boss Man Pitt Stop is a joint...straight up! It isn't fancy on the outside or the inside, but there were smiles all around. They do some pretty dang good 'cue here and fuse it with some tasty southern soul food, which could explain all the smiles. I know it had something to do with mine.

When we reached the counter we didn't find any attitude like you can get at some places...we met the bubbly Cynthia who was just excited to tell us all about the different offerings on the menu that day (menu changes daily). Nothing puts you more at ease when you visit a joint than that! But we shouldn't have been surprised, it said we were welcome right on the welcome mat.

Here we also met Bobbi (owner Eddie Patterson's daughter), Arcadus, Kyla, Emerial and a few others that we didn't catch the names of. A few worked there, others were just hanging out (which is typical of a joint), but what they all had in common was that they loved the food there and loved the sauce.

The sauce isn't what I'd describe as a typical Memphis style sauce. It had a wonderful mustardy tang to it, but it wasn't a South Carolina sauce either (at least not in my opinion)...it was a utopian mix of flavors....I think they were right about the sauce!

We tried charcoal smoked lamb chops, rib tips and turkey neck bones with sides of decadent yams, creamy mac & cheese, dill spiced cole slaw, turnip greens and a hot water cornbread cake. What a spread and what a great conversation. Give them a try, hopefully big Emerial will be sitting at the table next to you...and if he is, chat him up because he's love in a big frame! #‎chasingbbq

NOTE: Boss Man Pitt Stop is now closed.

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