B's Barbecue: Greenville, NC


with Mike Johnston
July 29, 2016
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B's Barbecue: Greenville, NC

Day 26 is going to be a barbecue packed Saturday if everything goes as planned...maybe even a few bonus stops! My posts will be shorter with that in mind.

Our first stop this morning was at B's Barbecue in Greenville, North Carolina. This spot is legendary, so much so that they've named the street they're located on after them...and not just in their little section but right through town! This place had old school barbecue joint written all over it.

Here we met LaSander, the chicken pit master for more then ten years. B's also has a swine pit master, but his work was already done so he was checked out for the day. LaSander taught us a fair bit about proper chicken barbecuing and was kind with his time even though they were very busy and people were waiting for his next batch of chicken quarters to be charcoal smoked.

We ordered the BBQ pork, chicken, slaw, green beans, pot (potatoes), vinegar sauce and the order was completed with a complimentary portion of fried cornbread sticks. The highlights for us were the delectable swine, crispiness of the chicken, simple but flavorful slaw, the corn sticks and that North Carolina vinegar sauce! A must stop if you're ever in the vicinity...shouldn't be too hard to find, just look for B's Barbecue street. #‎chasingbbq

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