Elwood's Shack: Memphis, TN


with Mike Johnston
May 31, 2016
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Elwood's Shack: Memphis, TN

Our third stop on our 17th day and 42nd stop overall (yeah our number has gotten bigger...this was suppose to be number 35!) was at Elwood's Shack in Memphis. This is a joint and one that is a bit off the beaten path, but not so far that you can't easily find it. Unfortunately there was no owner or pit master there that we could talk to (but the folks there were quite friendly), so being the new extrovert version of myself (along with Janet who already is one) we started up a conversation with two gals that were just finishing up their barbecue. It turned out to be a darn good idea!

We met Wilhelmina Cager and her mother, Mina LaMondue, who as it happens was celebrating her 88th birthday. What a delight they both were. Mina explained that she wasn't much of a cook, but Wilhelmina was the self proclaimed "best barbecuer in Memphis." Had I been staying longer, she was going to have me over to make me some of her "famous" ribs. While I'd like to have called an audible here and taken her up on her offer, there was still too much Chasing BBQ to do. We ended up talking food, spices and other things Colorado for nearly an hour and I'd say it was a great use of time. We made new friends and that seems to be what barbecue is all about.

We tried a lot of different items on the barbecue platter and the stars of the show for me were the barbecue wings, potato salad and a very interesting purple cabbage cole slaw that included jalapeños and blue cheese. Check 'em out sometime! #chasingbbq

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