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Franklin BBQ: Austin, TX


with Mike Johnston
April 24, 2016
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Franklin BBQ: Austin, TX

My last stop in Austin was appropriately Franklin Barbecue. I say appropriately for a couple reasons. First, I got chance to try a lot of the other most talked about joints before going there which gave me great places to compare it to. And second, this leg of my chase had my good friends Dan and Frankie joining me, who had not been to Franklin before, so this was the perfect way to send them back to their day jobs!

By now you have probably heard of Franklin Barbecue and know about the 4 hour wait…but maybe you haven't gotten to see behind the scenes so check out the photos below. A big thank you to Benji (pictured above), a longtime friend of owner Aaron Franklin, who gave us a tour of the pit room. The place is in good hands with Benji. He was so kind to us but he was also out there walking the line and talking BBQ with all the other guests and making everyone feel welcome.

Waiting 4 hours for food, no matter how good it is, isn't all that appealing, but our experience was filled with barbecue conversations with total strangers (now friends) which made that time fly by and we learned a few things too. The 'cue, especially the brisket, lives up to the hype. The other highlights for me were the turkey and the smokiness of the sausage....and I'm a fan of all three of the sauces. #‎chasingbbq #‎worththewait

BBQ Smoker

Behind the scenes at Franklin Barbecue:
the smoker (left) and the pits (right).

BBQ pits



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