Germantown Commissary: Germantown, TN


with Mike Johnston
May 31, 2016
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Germantown Commissary: Germantown, TN

REPLACEMENT STOP! I wasn't planning on making a second stop today, but when you start hearing about a place you didn't have on your radar....and they're raving about it...you make the hard choice and that's what I did. Off to Germantown Commissary in Germantown, Tennessee I went with Janet in tow for her last stop.

The joint looks cool from both the inside and out. And they were busy. I don't think the door ever stop opening and closing. Because they had no fair warning of us dropping in, a conversation with them wasn't in the cards. Even though we didn't verbally learn much here about Memphis style 'cue, our tastebuds sure were happy.

We started with crispy, homemade pork rinds and a cup of melted cheese...need I say more? Then came the hickory and charcoal smoked four meat platter with chewy ribs (in the good way), tasty pulled pork chunks, a smoky chicken quarter with crispy skin, and sausage with a thick, sweet barbecue sauce on it. The sides were very nice as well: creamy deviled eggs and my favorite cole slaw yet...very close to my grandma's and dare I say it...maybe better! Janet finished off her Chasing BBQ leg with a flavorful banana pudding.

Conversation or not, the cue here is very good. #chasingbbq

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