Hancock’s Country BBQ: Selma, AL


with Mike Johnston
June 30, 2016
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Hancock’s Country BBQ: Selma, AL

BONUS STOP! Day 21 started with barbecue for breakfast! I arrived to Hancock's Country BBQ at about 8:50am...10 minutes before they were scheduled to open on Labor Day. I saw a couple fellas in there sipping on coffees, so being my new extroverted version of myself, I walked right in. After some friendly greetings and pleasantries I had the pleasure of meeting Linda, the daughter of the folks who started Hancock's in 1973, Ed and "Mank" Hancock. She and her niece Erin were so welcoming and I was instantly at ease and excited about my barbecue breakfast!

Next up on the meeting train was current owner Mike Hancock, Linda's brother (you following all of this?) who purchased the business from his dad. He says his dad gave him a square deal, but definitely earned his family name on the door. I enjoyed talking 'cue and spices with Mike. The man knows both of the subjects pretty well!

The look and feel of this converted gas station was right up my alley...so many cool things to look at on the walls. And Linda says it is in its pared down state.

Getting to the cue, I ordered a barbecue plate (in Alabama this means pulled or chopped pork and two sides), two ribs and some homemade slaw and beans. I saw the slaw being grated fresh while they were giving me a tour. It's simple, but fresh and crisp...I really liked it. Both the hickory smoked ribs and the chopped pork were enhanced by their tangy, vinegar based sauce. If you've been keeping up with my stops so far, you know I like me some vinegar! The beans were just how I like them..a little thick and with just a touch of sweetness. So that means I enjoyed everything I tried...and you should give them a try too if you ever find yourself in the Selma, Alabama area. They're right on Hwy 22.

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