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Heim BBQ: Fort Worth, TX


with Mike Johnston
April 24, 2016
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Heim BBQ: Fort Worth, TX

Last night, when Daniel Vaughn messaged me that we should really go to two spots today, I knew I needed to make an adjustment to my plans (adjusting has been a theme so far, but I'm game) and I'm really glad that I did. Obviously getting to corner Daniel and pick his brain on Texas barbecue was top of mind, but I'd also heard about Heim BBQ from a few people along the way including Esaul Ramos, the pit master at La Barbecue. So off to Fort Worth, Texas I went to try a new spot and meet Daniel.

Lucky for me, Daniel got there earlier and was right at the very front of the 40+ person line when I arrived so I was able to beat the heat and dive right into a beautiful tray of barbecue. Of course, that was after gleaning a few lessons in food styling from my new friend and far more experienced photographer of 'cue! Sauce before condiments when you're prepping a sandwich...get with it Mike.

Travis Heim is the man behind the name on the barbecue trailer and although I didn't get to meet him, I do think I came to understand a bit about who he is, based on his barbecue. I'd say he is polished (ribs had everything we look for in a bite), capable of brilliance (see bacon burnt ends...yeah you read that right!), is inventive (see the @bbqsnob sandwich...Daniel happily okayed him using his Twitter handle), and has a sweet side (smooth banana pudding with bites of banana and crumbled vanilla wafers).

I'll leave the real critiquing to the professional, but I thought his 'cue was on par with many of the best places I've tried. However, his barbecued bacon burnt ends may have been the single most awesome bite yet! #‎chasingbbq


Note: Heim BBQ has expanded and is opening a full service restaurant in late June 2016 - congrats to Travis and Emma Heim on the new place!

Texas barbecue plate

A 'cue feast at Heim BBQ complete with
unforgettable bacon burnt ends (top center).


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