Heirloom Market BBQ: Atlanta, GA


with Mike Johnston
June 30, 2016
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Heirloom Market BBQ: Atlanta, GA

When a Texan meets a lovely Korean gal and they fall in love, the Heirloom Market BBQ is the gift they give us. While I didn't get to meet either Cody or Jiyeon (pronounced G-on-lee) as they had their hands full with a noodle night at their other restaurant Sobban (now closed permanently), they did put me in good hands with Daniella Sanchez. Despite her youthful appearance, she's an employee that I'd love to steal...hard working and unflappable. She quickly joined in to help as I put my large 'cue order in and then she organized a few extras for us to try. One of those extras was a perfectly 'cued beef rib...haven't seen one of those since being in Texas!

We pretty much tried everything aside from the sandwiches, which we saw others grubbing on. No skimping on those, the meat was piled high. Here's the laundry list of the other items: brisket, pork ribs, pulled pork and chicken, spicy Korean pork, turkey breast, smoked keilbasa, Brunswick stew, collards, mac & cheese, cucumber radish salad, green tomato kimchi, kimchi pickles, banana pudding with a meringue topping, and four of their flavorful sauces! Wow right? Luckily I had my two bros with me to try and eat this crazy spread, but we still recruited a new friend (Rob) to help us finish these trays of wonderfulness.

This fresh approach to barbecue really worked for me. The highlights for me were the spicy Korean pork, tender and juicy brisket, their hearty and flavorful Brunswick stew, super juicy turkey breast and all four of the sauces. My bros couldn't stop talking about the beef rib...I think it was their first ever.

Great place, creative 'cue and a superwoman managing it! Go there. #chasingbbq

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