Hutchins BBQ: McKinney, TX / Frisco, TX


with Mike Johnston
April 24, 2016
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Hutchins BBQ: McKinney, TX / Frisco, TX

Hutchins BBQ is a cool old place that takes me back. While the ambience is dated, the barbecue isn't. Inside, restaurant owners Tim Hutchins and Dustin Blackwell had people lining up in a constant flow for dinner. The drive thru line stretched out into the street. People in and around McKinney, TX sure do seem to like the 'cue here.

I got the chance to talk with Dustin and he was another super welcoming guy. When he gets excited, he talks fast. I know this because it's a trait of mine. So you can only imagine the amount of words that were used between the two of us in a 15 minute conversation.

Improvement is the word I'd use to summarize our conversation. Dustin and Tim have improved immensely since taking over the business from Tim's dad in 2005. They improved their food and, by doing that, they improved their business. But they're not ready to settle for being just one of the best, they want to be the best in Texas...heck the best in the world. Lofty goals, but with continued improvements I believe they can be in the conversation.

I really enjoyed the brisket, sausage (both hot link and jalapeño), and the turkey. He says they only put salt and pepper on that turkey for seasoning but I think he was holding out on me...it was quite flavorful! Hutchins BBQ has two locations, one in McKinney and one in Frisco. Definitely worth a visit! #chasingbbq

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