Killen’s Barbecue: Pearland, TX


with Jerrod Janakus
April 24, 2016
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Killen’s Barbecue: Pearland, TX

Ronnie Killen, the man behind the name of Killen's Barbecue, was kind enough to sit down with me and talk barbecue. Even though his Killen's BBQ restaurant is fairly new, he isn't new to barbecue. He had another barbecue joint back in the early nineties and stepped away from that to follow his food passion. Off to London he went to train at Cordon Bleu and he came back a fully certified executive chef for the American Culinary Association.

However, wearing a white chef's jacket isn't important to him; producing food that people love is what truly makes him happy. And barbecue is the type of food that gets that immediate reaction and you can see on people's faces before they even step into his place. Probably the benefit of the smoky aroma of oak and pecan...I know it made me smile!

Regarding the barbecue, I think this was the very best complete barbecue tray that I have tried. While I enjoyed the beef rib and brisket, my favorites were everything else on the tray. I haven't had a lot of opportunities to try chicken yet but his was juicy, smoky and plain amazing. The barbecue pork belly was a first for me and I really liked it. The sausage was my top pick and I tried it the way Ronnie likes to eat it - dipped in a little of his tangy barbecue sauce…mmmmm! If you go, leave some room for the sides and his desserts. They'll certainly fill you up, but they aren't filler. Bread pudding...simply outstanding. #‎chasingbbq

Killen's BBQ Plate
My BBQ plate at Killen's filled with delicious 'cue!

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(guest), on July 31, 2017

While Ron Killen can cook some decent cue, he sucks as a person. I've only met him once but he was a total stuck up ass. I've spoken with several people that said once he got popular that his head swelled so big and he became a jerk. He thinks just because millennials stand in line for his food that he is better than everyone else. Every time his name comes up nobody has anything good to say about him as a person. He also Isn't very well respected as a local business owner. He attacks other local businesses and especially his competitors. He is a major narcissist that needs his ass whipped.

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