Knockum Hill BBQ: Herndon, KY


with Matt Osier
Savory Spice Team
August 31, 2016
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Knockum Hill BBQ: Herndon, KY

BONUS STOP! This one is a doozy...there's not a lot of info on Knockum Hill Barbeque in Herndon, KY out there on the internet. In fact, the Facebook link is just a nonofficial fan page. But what I did read about this place is that it is known for the mega pork chop they smoke and for an owner, Oscar Hill, who can be a bit cranky.

It must be my charming personally or maybe a name drop that my dad's middle name was Oscar...and even though things didn't start out all that smoothly I was able to break through and have a really great conversation with him. I learned this 79 year old pitmaster was an oilman first, then a trucker and finally in the nineties a barbecue guy. That's a man's man life right there!

As for being a crank, I really didn't see that, in fact, I saw someone who was kind and grateful to every customer that walked through his doors. That said, it was pretty easy to read that you didn't want to push him around or not follow the directions of the various handwritten signs around the joint.

Unfortunately today he didn't have the pork chops, but that didn't matter. I had one of my top three pork rib experiences here. They were on the edge of salty, but I love that and while I couldn't put my finger on exactly how he seasoned them, they were spot on. I also tried my first helping of burgoo stew, which is similar to Brunswick stew, but with more veggies. Really enjoyed that.

There wasn't much info on the hours of his place so I posted his sign which shows he's open on Fridays and Saturdays. Do note that he stops serving cue a half hour before closing and his words, he starts "shewing people away right at closing so I can go on with my life!"

To my in-laws who live not too far from here...this a must try one day...if not at our family reunion next year! #‎chasingbbq

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