Kreuz Market: Lockhart, TX


with Jerrod Janakus
April 24, 2016
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Kreuz Market: Lockhart, TX

My last stop of the day was at Kreuz Market where I was fortunate to find the one and only pitmaster Roy Perez, a legend in Texas BBQ! Look him up online, seriously. What a humble, easy going guy. He was more interested in talking BBQ than about himself. I have to say, people have called me "the machine" but he's the real machine. He's worked for 28 years without a day off or a vacation! That definitely qualifies as both a legend and a machine. Much respect.

I was so immediately drawn into talking with him that I even forgot to take pics of the food before I started eating. I felt his bbq was the best I had in Lockhart during the day I spent there. That said, if you ever find yourself chasing BBQ, definitely try all the joints because they deserve to be acknowledged, compared, and debated. And say hi to Roy if you do! #chasingbbq

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