La Barbecue: Austin, TX


with Jerrod Janakus
April 24, 2016
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La Barbecue: Austin, TX

What a fine Austin, Texas welcome! Esaul Ramos (who uses Savory Spice at home - thank you, sir!), the pit master at La Barbecue "Cuisine Texicana" gave me a great tour and interview. He has been focused on barbecue since he was 18 and has never looked back...total passion for it. As you can see from the photos, the locals start lining up early and now I know why. There is next level ‘cue going on here.

Many people along the way have said to me that La Barbecue was one of their favorites, if not at the very top, and I'd have to say that I can't argue with those statements after thoroughly enjoying it. The brisket, pork ribs, pulled pork, and sauces stood out for me. Next time, and there will be one, I'm going to try some of the sides. They looked great on the plates of the other patrons.

I didn't get a chance to meet owners LeAnn Mueller and Ali Clem, but it is apparent that they have top notch barbecue and a truly great team. As a business owner, I know that you can't do without a great team. Kudos to them for taking care of their team!

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