Lannie’s BBQ: Selma, AL


with Mike Johnston
June 30, 2016
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Lannie’s BBQ: Selma, AL

BONUS STOP and number 50 of the chase! This was suppose to be a one stop day for me today, but when you hear that a barbecue joint has been voted "best in the state"...and it's only an hour or so away...you do what any barbecue chaser worth his salt would do and you head on down there.

Selma, Alabama is home to Lannie's Bar-B-Q Spot and has been since 1942...yeah you read that right...70 years in the same spot making barbecue. That's commitment, family commitment. I met Miss Lula Hatcher who is 82 and was 12 when her mother Lannie opened up this joint. When I happened in she was sitting there cleaning turnip greens with her daughter, Deborah. Deborah offered me up some 'cue and Lula some conversation.

What I learned from Lula is that the key to their success has been her mother's top secret sauce recipe. As I was waiting, I asked how she'd described the flavor of the sauce and she pondered the question a bit as I shot out examples..sweet?...vinegary?...spicy?.....as she said "no, no, and no.. it's just right!" That's a flavor profile that's hard to argue with. 

I was served up a giant barbecue plate. It had "just right" sauced ribs and pulled pork and a super size serving of potato salad along with a side of perfect baked beans. It's hard to pinpoint what the exact flavors were in the sauce, but I thought it reminded me of a fine pasta sauce that somehow morphed into the prefect barbecue sauce. I know they make it from scratch that's for sure, but without my super-taster wife Janet there I was out of luck when it came to trying to dissect it better!

Other highlights were the bites of bark in the pork...those bites with the sauce were just outstanding. I also liked how they prepared their potato salad. The texture was more like mashed potatoes. That pretty much covers the entire plate, so I guess I liked it all...more like, loved it! 

By the way, Lannie's Bar-B-Q Spot was recently been elected to the Alabama Barbecue Hall of Fame...it's about dang time. Oh and they need to start making some tees that feature their "Just Right" sauce...just a thought, but a right one!

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