LC's Bar-B-Q: Kansas City, MO


with Matt Osier
Savory Spice Team
September 30, 2016
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LC's Bar-B-Q: Kansas City, MO

My third and final stop of day 37 was at LC's Barbeque in KC. The place was packed with Royals fans sneaking in some tasty 'cue before the baseball game (we ended up at the game too...great ballpark and fans). This place is right up there at the top for places that look like a BBQ joint...inside and out.

We ended up being there on a very special day...owner LC Richardson's 81st birthday! And the crowd there sang him their best version of "Happy Birthday!" It was like watching a sport legend getting getting an honor, I think he was truly moved. And the people just love him there.

I was in a bold mood, so I invited him to sit with us, which he graciously accepted. He had our full attention as he took us back with his most interesting BBQ history and how they did it back then...and he did that all while stopping to pose for pics and shake hands with many of his fans and well-wishers. What a great, memorable experience.

We liked the choices on the menu, so we ordered up way too much 'cue, but between the 3 of us we put a decent dent into it. On our table, we had burnt ends of both beef and pork, rib tips, short end half rack of ribs, and tender brisket. We paired all of that with two fried sides...jalapeño poppers and green beans. At LC's they put the sauce on everything right before they serve it and it's sweet, sticky, and works! The highlights for me were the ribs, tips, and the beef part of the burnt ends...and those fried green beans.
This is a must visit in my opinion...you'll likely find LC there and if you ask nicely, I bet you can have an entertaining conversation as a side to some incredible 'cue! Oh and LC stands for "last chance" for good barbecue...what a guy! #‎chasingbbq 

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