Lexington Barbecue: Lexington, NC


with Mike Johnston
July 29, 2016
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Lexington Barbecue: Lexington, NC

So I'm officially heading west. My first stop today was at Lexington Barbecue in Lexington, NC. The original, not to be confused with any "blank" Lexington Barbecues and Lexington Barbecues "blank". That tactic is being tried.

I learned a new barbecue term yesterday..."outside brown" while talking with Christopher Prieto. This is a term for the smoky edges of the pork shoulder. He advised me to asked for it here (because it isn't on the menu) and to get the coarse chop.

When I arrived I had to park my rig down on the street because the rather large parking lot was pretty much full. I could see smoke coming from the stacks as I hiked up the hill....of course smelled it too. Drawn to it, I peaked through the screened window and saw Charles, the pitmaster, working the pits. He gave me a friendly glance...so I pressed my face against the screen and started talking 'cue. Throwing my new term around I was quickly welcomed into the pit room.

After our chat I was really dying to try this "new to me" cut of pork. Right as I walked into the buzzing diner..ish BBQ joint I was greeted by Nathan Monk, the grandson of founder Wayne Monk, and he welcomed me to take a seat right at the counter. First things first, I asked for the outside brown. I was given three chop options, but stuck with the coarse...as advised! Nathan filled my order along with "ketchup style" slaw and hush puppies. He also threw in some authentic pig skins (not rinds) and some turkey.

I loved this outside brown. It reminded me of the "burnt ends" of briskets, but with that succulent pork texture. The other highlights were the slaw, perfectly textured pups and the dang wonderfully crisp pig skins...which I got a to-go order of!
Very kind and generous family and staff..thank you! One more thing...I also talked with two different gentlemen that sat by me at various times...didn't catch the name of the first guy..but he was great conversation. The second was a Savory Spice Raleigh customer! It's funny how things go full circle sometimes. #‎chasingbbq   

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