Louie Mueller: Taylor, TX


with Mike Johnston
April 24, 2016
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Louie Mueller: Taylor, TX

REPLACEMENT STOP! Louie Mueller Barbecue is, plain and simple, historic. Everywhere you look there is another piece of history to be seen, from some of our nation’s proudest moments to some of our worst (segregated bathrooms that are obviously no longer in use).

But that isn't the only story. There is some mighty fine barbecue coming out of this establishment. We got there late in the day and when you're in Texas that means a lot of items are sold out, but we still got to try a huge beef rib and lean cuts of brisket. The beef rib was the highlight for me along with the beans and mustardy potato salad. Josh, the manager, and the rest of the team there were so welcoming and stuck around to give us a very informative tour and a couple of tasty desserts! #‎chasingbbq

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