Pitmaker: Houston, TX


with Mike Johnston
April 24, 2016
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Pitmaker: Houston, TX

For my second stop of the day I was lucky enough to meet Victor, George, Julio, and the rest of the crew at Pitmaker, a company that makes custom BBQ trailers, backyard BBQ smoker pits, and BBQ grills. Immediately I knew that these guys liked to have fun, but they're serious about their pits and their barbecue. The pits I expected, but the barbecue not so much. They compete at BBQ events throughout the year and one of our own Savory employees (hi William!) in Houston is a member of their team.

Immediately they peppered me with questions about whose barbecue I liked best so far; any names I mentioned, they had beat in barbecue competitions. This got my attention and, quite frankly, my respect. I immediately felt at home with the guys and I think I'm not alone in that.

When the tour of their facility started, I'm pretty sure my testosterone level jumped more then a few notches! There was steel being bent here, welding there, paint being sprayed around, metal being polished, and everywhere I turned I was surrounded by pits...glorious pits...in the various stages of life. And I use the word life because the guys have thought about it all and take no shortcuts. In fact, they take the harder road to make sure every detail has been covered and that the pit you purchase from them will last your lifetime and be passed on to the next generation.

I have to admit that I hadn't seen their vault style pits before. I'm sure some traditionalists will say that the only way to properly barbecue is with an offset, but I'm pretty sure that without missing a beat they'd challenge them to a cook off with their vault and promptly kick butt! Don't worry traditionalists - Pitmaker has a line of well thought out offsets too. Check these guys out if you’re serious about having a pit, big or small (and they can do BIG and custom too).

I'm not sure when and I'm not sure how, but I'm going find a way to hang out with these guys again soon. Maybe when I come down and work with them on a Savory Spice pit. Shhh, don't tell Janet! #‎chasingbbq

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