Saw’s BBQ: Homewood, AL


with Mike Johnston
June 30, 2016
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Saw’s BBQ: Homewood, AL

My second stop today, and first lunch, was at Saw's BBQ in Homewood, Alabama, which is just outside of Birmingham. This place was jam packed with customers, all there to get some of this simply brilliant barbecue, because let's face it...it's easier to buy it then to make it on Labor Day. And it would take a lot of practice before you could ever come as close to 'cuing it up as good as they do here. I don't usually lead with my impression of the food, but when you like it this much, it's hard to hold back.

I didn't think I'd get the chance to talk with anyone given the mob of people, but Miss A, the gal behind the flavor of most of the sides saw my shirt and took a seat next to me to chat it up for a few minutes. What I learned is that chef-owner Mike Wilson purchased this barbecue business back in 2009 and ever since he got his hands on the barbecue menu the place has been rocking. Makes a bit of sense considering Mike used to work as a test kitchen chef at Cooking Light magazine. He was also smart enough to recognize Miss A's talents because if the turnip greens and mac & cheese that I ordered are any indication, she knows what she is doing in the kitchen!

This is my third day in Alabama and I finally got to try some of this region's famous white sauce...and I really liked it, particularly on the barbecue chicken. The compliments won't stop there as the ribs and pulled pork were right there near the top of all the ones I've tried thus far.

Saw's stands for "sorry blankety-blank Wilson" Mike's college nickname. I for one am not sorry that I stopped here. I highly doubt you will be either. Check em out! #chasingbbq

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