Scott's Bar-B-Que: Hemingway, SC


with Matt Osier
Savory Spice Team
July 29, 2016
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Scott's Bar-B-Que: Hemingway, SC

When I was putting my initial #‎chasingbbq route together, I stumbled across The SCOTT'S BAR-B-QUE in Hemingway, SC and saw the image of their storefront and it immediately struck me. After doing some research it turned out that not only did it look the part but it was raved about. If I'm being totally honest, this is the joint that I most hoped would live up to...well, the expectations.

From the outside..in person..it was even better then the pics. The people intermixed with the setting was more then I could have imagined. Once inside, there was a line to the back of the store, which Tony (my swine loving buddy traveling me with on this leg) and I took our places in. There was a buzz in the air, people were genuinely excited about what they were going to taste and experience.

Because they 'cue up whole hogs they have tons of fresh pork rinds ...of course, with Tony in tow, we grabbed three ziplock bags full. We then had an equally great and unsettling moment. We stepped up to the counter, and mind you, there was a line of at least a dozen people behind us, we order one pound of the BBQ pork, a half chicken, sides of slaw and beans and finished it off with a piece of homemade chocolate yellow cake. As I was paying our bill, the lovely lady at the register leans in and whispers "you're getting the last of the barbecue". I was relieved and excited to know I was finally getting my hands on this 'cue I'd daydreamed about, but could feel the oncoming disappointment from all the people behind us who were going to have to go home empty-handed.

At this point, Tony sneaks away...and I'm left to deal with the potential wrath of the rightfully disappointed 'cue lovers. Fortunately I too, slipped away before anyone else knew what their fate was to be. That's the way it is when a joint is serving up next level 'cue...sometimes you're the mosquito and sometimes you're the windshield! That's road trip analogy for ya!

To finish off this perfect 'cue experience we got the chance to talk with Rodney Scott and get a behind-the-scenes look at the pits and how they do things there. It shouldn't surprise you to know that we were raving about the barbecue and how laid back and humble Rodney is as we drove away. It probably goes without saying, but I will...if you're ever in the area this is a stop you need to make...just don't end up being the mosquito!

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